Short Term Technical Assistance

Since this activity is primarily demand-driven (i.e., it is based on Mission and other operating units’ needs) the IRG Team will start by assessing those needs through an online survey of Mission support needs in climate change, especially adaptation.  Mission support will include the provision of data and other information, guidance on vulnerability assessments (VAs), development of FAQs, peer assists and communities of practice and other mechanisms.  We will discuss the most efficient way of assessing these broader needs.   The results of our analysis will be presented to the AREFS COTR and used as the basis for further dialogue with individual Missions.- AREFS and the CCRD Task Order team members and relevant expertise of staff and consultants available to the two projects.   These will be matched to criteria such as climate change adaptation topic (e.g. water scarcity, gender, impacts on agricultural value chains, biodiversity, infrastructure, etc.) as well as sub-region and country/language experience.- A list of Asia regional and country level organizations (training, research, technical assistance, education) available to work with Missions on climate change adaptation.  This list will be updated periodically.- Climate change adaptation projects already underway that can be monitored and used as potential models (this is part of AREFS Task 2).

Search Results

  1. Scanning the Conservation Horizon

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 4, 2012
    This is a US National Wildlife Federation (NWF) vulnerability assessment of the impacts of climate change on wildlife and their associated habitats. it covers all the basics of climate change and vulnerability assessments. It is a good starting po...
  2. Sustainable Landscapes Assessment: Sustainable Forest Management and REDD+ in Cambodia

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 4, 2012
    The purpose of this assessment is to identify and describe issues and opportunities as guidance for the design of potential USAID investments in the management of Cambodia’s forestlands. The current assessment recognizes that sustainable land us...
  3. Adapting to Coastal Climate Change

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 5, 2012
    This Guidebook was prepared under the leadership of the Global Climate Change Team and Water and Coastal Team of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade, in partnership with ...
  4. Mega-Cities and Climate-Change LEAD

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 5, 2012
    How can cities adapt to the coming changes? How can cities point the way to a different kind of low-carbon future? What lessons can be learnt from experiences in the South and North? What kind of leadership is required to identify, promote and del...
  5. Adaptation to Climate Change in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 5, 2012
    This report is based on the outcome of a survey carried out among the countries of South East Europe (SEE) and Eastern Europe, Caucasian and Central Asian (EECCA) through a questionnaire prepared bythe Task Force on Water and Climate under the UNE...
  6. World Bank Climate Resilient Cities Primer

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 5, 2012
    Climate-Resilient Cities: A Primer on Reducing Vulnerabilities to Disasters is prepared as a guide for local governments in the East Asia Region to better understand the concepts and consequences of climate change; how climate change consequences ...
  7. Kyrgyzstan Vulnerability and Planned Adaptation- Adaptation Partnership

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 5, 2012
    From the Review of Current and Planned Adaptation: Central Asia.  This is a summary overview of the principal climate change vulnerabilities in Kyrgyzstand and the planned adaptation policies and measures.
  8. The Probable Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty and Economic Growth and the Options of Coping with Adverse Effect of Climate Change in Bangladesh

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 6, 2012
    The General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission initiated Policy Studies relating to MDGs under its UNDP assisted project 'Support to Monitoring RS and MDGs in Bangladesh'. Policy studies were felt necessary to support informed and...
  9. Assessing the Economic Impact of Climate Change: National Case studies

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 6, 2012
    This study represents one of the first attempts within the Macedonian context to quantify the likely impacts of climate change in economic terms. It analyses how the following areas willbe affected by climate change impacts – electricity consump...
  10. Study of potential social and gender impacts of small and micro HPP on local communities of the Kyrgyz Republic

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 6, 2012
    The UNDP-GEF Country Development Strategy (CDS) for 2009-2011 identified environmental security and poverty reduction as the priority areas for the development of Kyrgyzstan. An important goal set under this strategy is to create basic conditions ...