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  1. Climate Variability and Climate Change: Implications for Chronic Poverty

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 3, 2012
    by Lucy ScottOverseas Development Institute, 2008This paper follows the principles of the ‘bottom-up’ approach to adaptation. It believes that one of the starting points for adaptation to climate change should be the present. The focus should ...
  2. Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change Through Coastal Afforestation in Bangladesh (CBACC-CF PROJECT

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 3, 2012
    Vulnerability in Bangladesh is worsened due to the high dependence of a majority of the population on climate-sensitive sectors, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Compounding these vulnerabilities, Bangladesh is challenged with weak inf...
  3. Working Group 2- Findings from AR4 and Expectations from AR5

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    2009 IPCC Working Group 2 presentation on analysis of climate models and scenarios based on updated data analysis of climate change impacts.
  4. Climate Adaptation in Asia: Knowledge Gaps and Research Issues in South Asia

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    This report presents South Asia-wide review of climate change adaptation research, intended to identify present knowledge, gaps on adaptation and application including the practice of research. Unlike the case of China, which is one nation, South ...
  5. Adaptating to Climate Change in Sri Lanka

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    Focus of this presentation is on agricultural adaptataion to climate change in districts in southeast Sri Lanka
  6. Integrating environment and development in Viet Nam Achievements, Challenges and Next Steps

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    Improved integration of environment and development objectives is best informed by knowledge of what has already worked well in Viet Nam over many years, so that it can be scaled up. It should also be informed by what currently constrains integrat...
  7. Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Policy Options for Adaptation: The Case of Vietnam

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    IFPRI Discussion Paper 01015Vietnam is likely to be among the countries hardest hit by climate change, mainly through rising sea levels and changes in rainfall and temperatures. Agriculture can be extensively affected by climate change, and design...
  8. Practitioners and Policy-makers Exchange on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 11, 2012
    The ‘Practitioners and Policy makers Exchange on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture’, which was held at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok Thailand from 30 August to 1 September 2010, aimed to address this need. With 25 p...
  9. Climate Change in Indonesia: Implications for Humans and Nature

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Aug 27, 2012
    WWF factsheet on Indonesia climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, cross-sectoral with a special emphasis on natural landscapes and biodiversity.
  10. The Probable Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty and Economic Growth and the Options of Coping with Adverse Effect of Climate Change in Bangladesh

    Posted by Jim Tarrant | Oct 6, 2012
    The General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission initiated Policy Studies relating to MDGs under its UNDP assisted project 'Support to Monitoring RS and MDGs in Bangladesh'. Policy studies were felt necessary to support informed and...