Asia LEDS Forum

19-21 Sep, 2012 / 06:00 pm-05:00 pm

Asia Forum on Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS):

Catalyzing an Era of Green Growth


September 19-21, 2012

Hotel Sofitel, Bangkok, Thailand


Prepared by the

USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)



  • To convene approximately 120-150 key stakeholders (government, non-government, private sector, and international partners) who are playing or will play a key role in Asia in promoting LEDS—achieving economic growth and development through low carbon, climate resilient strategies
  • To identify priorities for regional collaboration in Asia on LEDS (i.e., via networks, knowledge-sharing, and capacity building)
  • To facilitate regional coordination among multilateral organizations, donors, NGOs, and others actively promoting LEDS programs, initiatives, and capacity building activities
  • To promote linkages between regional initiatives and the LEDS Global Partnership

·         To share tools, models, approaches and best practices in LEDS planning and implementation

Anticipated Outcomes

·         Achieving buy-in from stakeholders for Asia regional LEDS collaboration and knowledge-sharing platforms

·         Priorities and next steps identified for future LEDS collaboration and coordination in Asia

·         Identification of collaborative LEDS activities for Asia to be supported or facilitated by the LEDS Global Partnership and other programs

·         A preliminary regional road map developed that will guide participants to take action and consider barriers, opportunities, and next steps for country-level action on LEDS

·         Better understanding among countries of LEDS analytical tools, models and best practices

Geographic Scope

·         South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia [Central Asia and Pacific Islands may also be included if there is sufficient interest]


Thematic Focus Areas

  • Building the case for LEDS: promoting sustainable economic development/smart growth and poverty alleviation (building on the green growth agenda and recently held Rio+20)
  • LEDS tools and technical issues/approaches
  • Creating/strengthening regional platforms for LEDS technical collaboration, peer learning, knowledge-sharing, and capacity building
  • Identifying opportunities and priorities for supporting programs, cooperation frameworks, and financing for LEDS implementation
  • Addressing transboundary and transnational issues associated with LEDS (e.g., forest conservation measures)
  • Coordination of LEDS programs within the Asia region


Key Potential Co-Sponsors/Organizers/Collaborating Partners (TBD)

  • USAID, US Department of State, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, other US Government
  • The World Bank
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Bilateral donors: AfD, AusAID, CIDA, Denmark, European Commission, Finland, GIZ, JICA and NIES, KOICA, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UKFCO and DFID
  • LEDS Global Partnership
  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
  • International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies (LCS-RNet)
  • Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
  • Thailand Greenhouse Gas Organization (TGO) and/or Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)


Planning Schedule

  • March-April 2012: Share Concept Summary with prospective co-sponsors
  • March-April 2012: Propose dates to prospective co-sponsors
  • April 2012: Finalize Concept Summary and Draft Agenda
  • April-May 2012: Confirm co-sponsors and level of partnership/cost-share, and what keynote/facilitators/panelists they can provide
  • April-May 2012: Send out Save-the-Dates Notice (Climate-L, etc.)
  • April-May 2012: Identify speakers; Lock in meeting venue
  • April-June 2012: Confirm co-sponsors and level of partnership/cost-share
  • May-June 2012: Develop detailed draft agenda
  • June: Determine membership of Steering Committee
  • June : Send out Save-the-Dates Notice (Climate-L, etc.)
  • June: Confirm main facilitator (Veronica Pedrosa?)
  • June: Send invitations to speakers
  • July 2012: Finalize agenda, meeting arrangements, and invitations
  • July: Launch website for registration
  • July-Sept: Steering Committee Meetings (virtual), and continue discussions on donor coordination
  • September 19-21, 2012: Hold LEDS Forum



·         Questions for plenary and concurrent sessions can be submitted online prior to forum – moderator will ask these questions

·         LEAD implementing partners (GHGMI, Nexant, AIT, etc.) help facilitate the concurrent session

·         Each concurrent session outcome is a summary of experiences and/or good practices, and identification of gaps and needs (that can be addressed by LEDS network/platform)